“I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve played in many bands, recorded many albums, hit the skins, banged a guitar, written songs, sung BVs, loaded vans, boarded planes, lost luggage and lost and found my mind. But I’ve never done my own thing. And I’ve always wanted to do my own thing. So now I am.”

Kit Warhurst is perhaps best known as the drummer in seminal Australian group Rocket Science. The organ driven garage punk band became a fixture on national radio after the release of their critically acclaimed debut recording, Welcome Aboard the 3C10. However, after turning his attention towards the guitar and releasing his debut album “Colour Wheel”, the reborn, revitalised and rejuvenated performer is now regarded as a solo artist in his own right.

Kit’s work is drenched in irresistible melodies that belie an often darker content and infuses power pop, garage guitars and 50’s rock n roll with sharp songwriting. Kit performs with his band, featuring Brooke Penrose (St Jude) on drums and Alex Gary on bass, as well as in solo mode.

Undertaken as a solo endeavour, Colour Wheel was recorded by himself in Melbourne and with performances captured in minimal takes, it’s got unmistakable spark. The album was mixed by Jeremy Glover (Julian Casablancas & The Voidz, Crystal Castles, Liars, The Devastations) in Berlin.

With these songs, Kit spins things his own way. And somewhere along that way, he hit the jackpot.