‘Oliver Never Knew Sunshine’ Single Release

Oliver Never knew Sunshine

Kit Warhurst’s first two singles filled the airwaves via Triple R, PBS and Double J, and now he’s back with
his third song from his soon to be released solo album. Oliver Never Knew Sunshine is a slice of wonderful
guitar pop that belies its dark lyrical heart.

Oliver’s tale is a common one. To others, Oliver chooses the wrong path, makes bad decisions and will
never feel the sweet sunshine of success he craves. Little do they know it’s the assumption that their own
way of life is best for others, that quashes the dreams, creativity and spark of the Olivers of this world.
But this song is a celebration of Oliver’s growth. When Oliver stops listening to the judgement of others, he
will succeed, and finally bask in the sun’s glorious warmth.

And then, much to the naysayers’ disbelief, he will be just fine.

Oliver Never Knew Sunshine is released on Sunshine Club Records in support of his Debut Album Colour

‘Rose Red City’ Single Release & Launch

Cover image

Single launch for Rose Red City

Friday the 18th of March 2016
The Workers Club

51 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065

Here it is, the launch of the second single ‘Rose Red City’ from the upcoming debut Kit Warhurst album. First single ‘Nothing In Melbourne’ recieved fantastic local radio support from Triple R and PBS as well as further afield on Double J. This new song continues to reveal the Kit Warhurst sound.

Joining Kit onstage again are the most excellent Brooke Penrose (Saint Jude) on the tubs and Alex Gray (Wilding) on bass.

Special Guests are ace Melbourne acts –
Maps Of Tasmania & Plague Doctor



Single Release – Rose Red City

Following the breakout success of his debut solo single Nothing In Melbourne, which gained extensive airplay on Triple R, PBS and Double J, Kit Warhurst, best known as the drummer in seminal Australian group Rocket Science, is set to launch his second single, Rose Red City.

Produced again by Kit and mixed by Jeremy Glover (Julian Casablancas & The Voidz, Crystal Castles, Liars, The Devastations) in Berlin, this song showcases Kit’s knack for an irresistible melody and a power pop chorus, this time inspired by the work of New Zealand born Australian artist Rosalie Gascoigne – Rose Red City #07.

Rosalie Gascoigne made striking collages using raw, everyday, found objects. As an artist she created works of great visual beauty using the mundane. “I’m a fan of her work” Kit says. “Her punk aesthetic of finding rough discarded objects and rearranging them into art, opened up an inner dialogue on the good the bad and the ugly of living in the city. Cities can ignite you but they can also suck the life out of you. Rose Red City is about searching for your place within the whole great big noise. And it’s a great name for a song.”

The filmclip is also inspired by Gascoigne with filmmakers Andrew McKenzie (singer from Melbourne band Legends of Motorsport) and Linda Maiden mirroring her technique by layering the objects of every day city life — suburban brick walls, concrete footpaths, corrugated iron fences – into a visually dynamic, pop art form.

Kit launches Rose Red City on Friday the 18th of March at The Workers Club in Fitzroy with his band featuring Brooke Penrose (Saint Jude) on the tubs and Alex Gray (Wilding) on bass, with special guests, Maps Of Tasmania and Plague Doctor.

Rose Red City will also be available as a split 7 inch with Kit’s first single, Nothing In Melbourne.

‘Nothing In Melbourne’ Single Launch

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Kit is performing his debut show and single launch of “Nothing In Melbourne” at the Old Bar in Melbourne. Joining him onstage will be Brooke Penrose (Saint Jude) on drums and Alex Gray (Wilding, Acts Revelations) on bass. Special guests on the night, with their brilliant powerpop, are The Bowers.

Kit Warhurst “Nothing In Melbourne” single launch
Thursday 26th November
The Old Bar
74 Johnston St, Fitzroy
With Special Guests The Bowers